Apple Vision Pro Expansion

Apple Vision Pro Expansion: New Markets and Features Unveiled at WWDC 2024

At the World Wide Developers Conference in 2024, Apple announced that the Vision Pro headset would soon be available in eight additional nations. These countries are China, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

With premieres in China, Japan, and Singapore, the rollout will begin on June 28. Pre-orders will begin on June 13, and the rollout will continue after that. Beginning on June 28, pre-orders for the Vision Pro will be accepted in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Australia. The Vision Pro will be available for purchase on July 12 in the United Kingdom.

Despite the fact that it was initially priced at $3,499 in the United States, the Vision Pro has already generated a great deal of interest, and developers have been able to get their hands on the headset in specific locations.

Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive officer, stated: “The enthusiasm for the Apple Vision Pro has been remarkable, and we are excited to introduce the magic of spatial computing to more customers worldwide.”

“We are eager to showcase the endless possibilities, whether it’s collaborating with expansive app canvases, reliving cherished memories in three dimensions, enjoying personalized cinema experiences, or exploring innovative spatial adventures.”

During the event, Apple not only increased the availability of headsets but also launched VisionOS 2, which features better support for a variety of modes of transportation, including trains, as well as spatialized images.

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